Steak Pizzaiola
by Brett McKee- Oak Steakhouse

Yields: 6 servings


4oz EVO

2 cups Dry White Wine

4 16oz NY Strips, trimmed of ALL fat

3 Bell Peppers, Cored, Seeded and Cut Lengthwise into InchSize Slices

2 Pinches Fresh Oregano

2 Large Red Onions

2 Pinches Crushed Black Pepper

2 Cups Diced Tomatoes

4 Cups Sliced White Mushrooms

Salt to Taste

3oz Marinara

1 Tbs Minced Garlic


Divide oil and heat in 2 large saut pans over medium highheat.  Add 2 steaks to each pan and fryon one side for 4 minutes or until very brown. Turn and add half of the peppers, onions, mushrooms and garlic to eachpan. Fry for an additional 4 minutes. Drain off excess oil and remove steaksfrom the pans, leaving the vegetables. Return pans to medium high heat.


Add one cup of wine to each pan and bring to a boil. Into eachpan, stir 2 cups of tomatoes, a pinch of oregano, black pepper and salt. Returnto a boil. Lower heat and allow sauce to cook for about 5 minutes or untillightly thickened (if sauce is too thick, thin with a bit of chicken brothusing no more than cup)


Return steaks to sauce to cook for 4 minutes. Remove fromheat and let rest. Slice steak on a slight diagonal. Place saut of vegetableson serving platter.  Lay sliced steak ontop of the vegetable saut and cover with the remainder of sauce. Serve. 

Special Notes:

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